We cannot say enough great things about Shannon and Find Your Prana. We are a mixed group of yogis here at OutCold and from day one, Shannon handled us with care, professionalism and ease. She’s helped each of us develop our practice at our own pace while keeping all us engaged and entertained along the way.

We’ve had the pleasure of practicing with Shannon and Lindsey. Both are outstanding teachers who are amazing at challenging us physically and encouraging our mental practice. OutCold houses a fast-paced and often unpredictable environment. Find Your Prana provides just what we need to slow us down, focus our intentions and become stronger people all around.
— Holly Heffinger, COO & Co-Founder OutCold
What an incredible asset you have in Shannon. I loved all my Ryder instructors, but man, Shannon set the bar impossibly high. I have now been to a spin class at each of my new gym’s locations and even recently tried a SoulCycle class and not one of these classes comes close to Shannon’s Ryder. She gives her classes thought and so much energy. Each class she comes with a great playlist, a corresponding “ride” for each song, maybe some “side- against-side” friendly competition, motivation, good adjusts, and even some sing-alongs! Her classes are the most fun, sweaty, friendly classes.
— Amy J, CorePower Yoga Ryder student

This was the first time our regional office hired a service to improve our workplace health and wellness offering. We chose Find Your Prana due to the flexibility of the packages available and the wide range of offerings*. I am happy we made the investment! Employees have benefitted from starting their day off right with a yoga class or coming to a lunch-and-learn on the fundamentals of Clean Eating. The package we chose has something for everyone and can work for any type of office culture. Shannon also made it very easy for us to communicate out the benefits of her services which took work off our plate in advertising the additional investments we made for employees in the region.
— Maureen Lang, Regional Office Lead for Corporate Executive Board Chicago

To say Shannon is amazing is an understatement! Shannon is capable of making anyone, at any level, feel comfortable and accomplished. Her expansive knowledge of yoga, nutrition and essential oils along with her caring and positive nature, leave you feeling driven to become your best self.” - Claire

Pam says, “I took my first ‘in person’ yoga class with Shannon last year when our bosses hired her for our office - #blessed! I was nervous, but had heard so many wonderful things about yoga and how healthy it was for your body. Shannon was the perfect instructor for our office group. She was patient and did an awesome job at teaching us the fundamentals while also pushing us to get a good workout. Definitely a 5 star instructor!”

“Having Shannon in our office each week was a breath of fresh air. Working with her brought me a new appreciation for yoga and a new friend.” - Sloane

Parker says, “In my brief yoga journey with Shannon, my body found comfort in challenging yet soothing classes that caused me to become a more flexible, balanced, and comfortable human being on this wonderful planet!
— What workplace yogis are saying

I have been working with Shannon for a few months now for a 6-month Health Coaching program. During our sessions, she has provided me with invaluable information to live a healthier life - physically, mentally and spiritually. We’ve worked together to create balance in my life, through small, but useful, life changes, like how to sweeten my meals naturally, carving out time for daily meditation, and creating a budget and holding myself accountable. All of these small changes are working towards the personal goals I set forth at the beginning of our program together.
— Megan K, Public Relations Professional

Recently, I participated in Find Your Prana’s Seasonal Wellness Cleanse because I wanted to learn more about eating clean and using food as medicine to keep my body healthy and strong. During the cleanse, I learned about the importance of eating clean whole foods, how to choose foods that are specifically beneficial for my body according to Traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, and received many great tips and tricks to keep up my immune system, eliminate toxins in my body, maintain and prevent disease with alternative medicine, and obtain balance in different areas of my life. I also enjoyed the intimate setting and the opportunity to share my thoughts about food and health with the group. Overall, I would recommend the cleanse to anyone looking to create a healthier diet and lifestyle and obtain a better understanding of the impact that food can have on the body.
— Amy W, Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Board-Certified Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbalist

Find Your Prana’s Seasonal Wellness Cleanse was an eye-opening experience for me. Not only did I become more mindful of food in general, but I also lost weight and kicked a 20-year-long caffeine addiction at the same time. I am truly grateful for the information Shannon shared with all of us during the cleanse, and thought that she was extremely helpful and supportive to the entire group.
— Sumi M, Advertising and Sales Professional